Newsweek: The Supremes Take On Religion and Health Care

What if your boss treated gay employees differently because his church preaches that homosexuality is wrong? What if he could refuse to cover your kid’s measles vaccination because he believes the shots cause autism, or AIDS treatments because he thinks the disease is God’s revenge for sinful behavior?... But 46 for-profit businesses and corporations

... have challenged the contraceptive coverage benefit in federal court, claiming that their personal beliefs deserve more protection than the medical needs of individual employees..."The idea that an individual employer should decide what kind of health care his or her employees need is really offensive," says Susan Berke Fogel, Director of Reproductive Health for the National Health Law Program. "Everyone should be able to make their own health care decisions based on what works best for them. That's the larger implication here: what does it mean for each of us to live our lives in the most healthful, productive way that we choose?" Read the full article here »


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